How to Download the License Key

A short video and text instruction.


  1. The downloading of the key is basically easy. You usually press download.

  2. There appears a window with a survey to fill in. If it does not show then you have to close ad blocking programs.

  3. You chose one of the surveys and proceed with it.

  4. You give your phone number and you get a message with a code to write in. You rewrite the code and confirm.

  5. Or enter your e-mail address and fill in the data. Then confirm in your mailbox.

  6. Then, you move on to the website of your key and wait until automatic downloading.

  7. Sometimes if you are waiting too long you need to fill in another survey because a previous one may not be worked or there was happened an error in a system.

  8. Downloading is fully free and blocking with surveys is kind of protection of our files.